ASM International Freight Services offers an unaccompanied baggage service as a convenient and cost effective alternative to paying excess baggage when travelling or relocating.
When traveling with more baggage than the airline allowance you are required to pay excess baggage charges which can be very high.

By sending your excess baggage unaccompanied you will enjoy significant savings as unaccompanied baggage rates are considerably less expensive than excess baggage.

Baggage may be sent prior or after departure.
Pick up from your door can be arranged at a minimal cost.
Delivery to airport of destination.
Charges prepaid by cash or direct deposit.
No tickets required.
A photo identification such as Passport or Driver’s license is required .
Packing can be done in suitcases or boxes.
All baggage security cleared by ASM International prior to dispatch.

Collecting your Baggage

At your destination, unaccompanied baggage is collected from the freight terminal and cleared through customs. You may be required to pay handling or government customs charges. Storage charges may be applicable if freight is not collected for more than 3 days.